Malwarebytes is primarily a scanner that scans and removes malicious software, including rogue security software, adware, and spyware. Malwarebytes scans in batch mode, rather than scanning all files opened, reducing interference if another on-demand anti-malware software is also running on the computer.

What is Linux?

Just like Windows, iOS, and Mac OS, Linux is an operating system. In fact, one of the most popular platforms on the planet, Android, is powered by the Linux operating system. An operating system is software that manages all of the hardware resources associated with your desktop or laptop. To put it simply, the operating system manages the communication between your software and your hardware. Without the operating system (OS), the software wouldn’t function. Its open source and Free!

What is Malware?

Malware (short for “malicious software”) is a file or code, typically delivered over a network, that infects, explores, steals or conducts virtually any behavior an attacker wants. And because malware comes in so many variants, there are numerous methods to infect computer systems.

What are Rootkits

A rootkit is a collection of computer software, typically malicious, designed to enable access to a computer or an area of its software that is not otherwise allowed and often masks its existence or the existence of other software.

How Many Membership Levels are Available?

Currently 3 Levels:

  1. Free Membership: Once registered, access to all Free Video Courses.
  2. Bronze Membership: Access to Build WordPress Website Course & all previous membership levels.
  3. Gold Membership: Access to all free and paid content and previous membership levels.

Do I Have to Join a Membership Level To Watch a Video Course?

No, you do not need to join a membership level, You must register to watch any free/paid video course. There are benefits in joining the free membership level. Once you join the free membership level you can bookmark your courses, track paid courses you purchased, track your courses you are currently taking and access to the member Dashboard. Also you will have direct contact with Ambient Support from your course interface without logging tickets.

What Software Should I use to clean up my Windows computer

I recommend Glary Utilities, It’s a PC performance optimization software designed for Windows, which helps improve speed and fix errors, crashes, and other issues. There is a free version. There is a video course available called Glary Utilities – Computer Clean Up. Check the courses page.

I own a WordPress Website, why should I be concerned about Security?

Think of your WordPress website like your house. The hacker, which is a robber is looking for easy ways to break into your house. There are a lot of reasons why hackers target WordPress sites. One of them is the platform’s sheer popularity. By knowing what these reasons are, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to protect your website. There is a free WordPress Security Mini Course available on the courses page.

How do I Register

From the Courses Page, locate the video course. Click on Preview this course button. Then click on the Enroll Course Button. Registration window will open. Now register.