Glary Utilities – Computer Clean Up

Glary Utilities – Computer Clean Up

Glary Utilities is a PC performance optimization software designed for Windows, which helps businesses improve speed and fix errors, crashes, and other issues.

Glary Utilities includes nearly 30 different tools for the maintenance and optimization of your computer. 

Like most system optimization tools, Glary Utilities has a button you can click that attempts to fix the most common problems that your computer may have. It has a Registry Cleaner, Shortcuts Fixer, Spyware Remover, Disk Repair, Tracks Eraser, Temporary File Cleaner, and Startup Manager, all rolled into one. If any problems are found, you can browse through them to see what Glary Utilities intends to do when you press Repair Problems.

Glary Utilities is a treasure trove of other useful functions that you never knew you needed. Some tools help you find duplicate files and empty folders, and others let you manage the entries in your system’s context menu and programs on your computer.

You can defrag your disks, optimize your RAM, and back up your system drivers. The Software Update tool informs you when new versions of your installed software are available, and there’s a great Disk Space Analyzer tool that will find the pesky files eating up your hard disk space.

There are 2 versions Glary Utilities Free & Glary Utilities Pro (Paid).

In this Video series we will cover the free version.

Introduction & Install – Glary Utilities
Click Maintenance – Defragmentation – Memory Optimizer
Free Up Memory – Browser Assistant – Free Space
Remove Duplicates Files – Broken Links – Explore Disks
Check Disk – Driver Manager – Software Updates
System Controls – Start Up Items – Services – Tasks
Hard Disk – Defragment – Drivers
File Management – Programs – Software Updates

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